Training and Workshops

Focusing Training and Workshops

Focusing training is in North West London. The times are 10 am - 4 pm. Refreshments are provided, please bring a packed lunch.

Training is by Paula Newman and Elizabeth Smith. Both are BACP Senior Accredited Counsellors  and members of the British Focusing Association.

 Elizabeth and I provide a supportive environment for your learning and hope that you will enjoy the group experience.

British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills.

Ten days divided into five two day workshops or levels.

Starting with Level One on September 11th and 12th or November 27th and 28th. In North West London

Perhaps you have tried pushing difficult feelings away, but they just become stronger. With Focusing you can be in relationship with your feelings in a way that allows them to change naturally.

Are you in a profession where it helps to be self-aware? With Focusing you can be in touch with your inner experiencing, adding to the quality of your work.

Each level builds upon previous learning, with Focusing practice, theory and discussion.

Throughout your training we will introduce you to various topics these include physical ailments, the inner critic, dreams, trauma and action blocks. Therapists can explore bringing Focusing to their practice. Participants can also consider how they would like to continue their Focusing journey.

Between each Level we suggest that you practice focusing in pairs. This can be by phone, Skype or face to face. We will give you our contact details so that you can be in touch with us if any questions arise.

Level one introductory workshop

We have two dates for our level one introductory workshop:
September 11th and 12th
November 27th and 28th

Levels two-five will follow, leading to the British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills.

Focusing Self-Care Day.

Next date to be decided
Suitable for people who have completed level two

Exploring Self-Care in a focusing way can bring fresh insights and deeper awareness of our personal needs. Inner struggles and tangles that relate to looking after ourselves might emerge and we can give these our attention. Paula and Elizabeth hope that the workshop will be growthful and open up steps forward in caring for ourselves more effectively.

Grounded Presence

Next date to be decided
Suitable for people who have completed level two

Our theme is grounded presence. What are the situations where I lose my grounding? What am I experiencing at those times – merging, overwhelm? How can I support myself in restoring my grounding? How does the ‘sense of my whole self’ and Self-in-Presence relate to this? We will also present a case study relating to the topic.

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